Our code of ethics

I. Business activity

According to the statutes, the Centre is allowed to raise funds for its statutory activity by running a business activity, keeping in mind the following rules:

1. Being neutral towards suppliers

The Centre is an independent organization which remains fully neutral towards suppliers of IT solutions – in particular, it means that it does not act as an intermediary in transactions and does not conclude any commission agreements.

2. Being professional experts

Experts collaborating with the Centre are obliged to keep professional diligence and be neutral towards suppliers of solutions. Our experts do not start their work until they have all the necessary knowledge or skills for that.

3. Behaviour towards our Customers

The Centre’s experts act for the benefit and in the best interests of a customer. They do not allow situations which could negatively influence objectivity and neutrality of their behaviour during works on the behalf of a customer and when giving advices and recommendations to them.

4. Remaining discreet

The Centre’s experts obey to the information confidentiality rules and take actions leading to protect the Centre and its Partners and Customers from possible disclosure of confidential information.

5. Preventing conflicts of interests

The centre’s management and experts pay special attention to prevent conflicts of interests. In case of a conflict or presumption of a conflict between the interests of the Centre’s expert and the interests of Centre, the expert is obliged to request an opinion from the Centre’s management.

6. Being politically unbiased

The Centre does not participate in activity of any political party, does not participate in election campaigns, does not express its support for any candidates for vacancies in public offices. On the other hand, it does not mean keeping away from public debates, exchanging ideas and presenting the Centre’s own concepts. The Centre’s experts are however obliged to carefully separate their own political activity from their activity on the behalf of the Centre.

II. Raising funds in the form of donations

According to the statutes, the Centre is allowed to raise funds for its activity in the form of donations from organizations, companies and natural persons, keeping in mind the following rules:

1. Independence from donors

The Centre is an institution independent from its donators. In particular, it means that it does not participate in lobbying for the benefit or on the behalf of its donors.

2. Independence from political parties

The Centre does not accept funds nor any other form of financing from political parties.

3. Possibility of refusing a donation

The Centre’s management reserves its right to refuse a donation if it gave a bad name to the Centre or resulted in a conflict of interests.

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